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    MamaMoo Silicone Nipple Shields (set of two)

    R 99.00
    Our Half moon-shaped Nipple Shields are incredibly soft to the touch, thin, easy to use and sterilise.  Made from 100% BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free Food Grade Silicone, our Nipple...

    MamaMoo Silicone Soothies

    R 55.00
    Our 100% Food Grade Silicone Soothies promises to become your baby's favourite Soothie.  These cute pacifiers come in three different shapes and colours and are made from the safest, softest...

    MamaMoo Ventilated Breast Shells / Milk Collectors (set of two)

    R 199.00
    Our breast shells are specifically designed to help bring relief to nursing mothers with sore, cracked nipples.  Made of soft, flexible, BPA-free silicone membranes, the ultra-comfortable nipple shells are worn...

    Maxima Breast Pump, Natural Flow 150ml and 220ml Bottles & nursing tea

    R 575.00
    Our most loved products combined in a very special hamper for new moms.  This hamper consists of the following: 1x Maxima Silicone Pump and Lid 1x Travel Bag 1x 150ml...

    My Favourite Silicone Bib

    R 120.00
    These bibs are made from a brightly-coloured, soft food grade silicone.  They wont hurt or scratch baby's next, but provide hours of protection from eating or messy play.  They are...

    Natural Flow Silicone Bottle Set (4pc)

    R 550.00
    If there is any word that scares a breastfeeding mom to the core, it must be "nipple confusion" or "breast rejection". Bottle rejection for moms needing to go to work...

    Replacement Teat- Pack of two

    R 110.00
    Replacement teat for the MamaMoo Natural Flow bottles. Fits both the 150ml and 230ml bottels. The 150ml bottles comes standard with slow flow teats, and the 230ml bottle comes standard...

    Silicone 3in1 Bottle

    R 175.00
    We are so excited about our new Silicone 3in1 Bottle!  This bottle has interchangeable teats for each step in baby's feeding journey- from drinking milk, to their first foods, to...

    Single Honey & Nut Lactation Bar (Anti Colic)

    R 25.00
    Milk Lactation Products' Honey & Nut Bars are very popular among breastfeeding moms. These nutritional bars are tasty, vegan and perfect to add to your meals while breastfeeding. It’s sugar,...

    Toothie Silicone Toothbrush (1pc)

    R 75.00
    Our Toothie Silicone Toothbrush is a perfect way to get babies used to brushing. With a soft silicone body and Silicone bristles, Toothie can be used to brush and sooth...


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