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    SiliSippy 3x Elephant Sippy Cup Lid

    R 140.00
    Turn any cup into a sippy cup with these Silicone Sippy Covers.  These Spill-proof 100% food grade silicone lids fit any glass or cup up to 85mm in diameter.  They...

    MamaMoo Silicone Nipple Shields (set of two)

    R 99.00
    Our Half moon-shaped Nipple Shields are incredibly soft to the touch, thin, easy to use and sterilise.  Made from 100% BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free Food Grade Silicone, our Nipple...

    Flexi Friends Foldable & Reusable Bottle

    R 40.00
    Out Flexi Friends Reusable Bottle and Pouch (with Puree Spout) with Carabiner Clip has hundreds of uses, all aimed at making life easier: Use your Flexi Friend to freeze Breast...

    Bamboo Leaf Silicone Feeding & Training Spoon Set

    R 80.00
    Easy to grasp with small hands, with a soft flexible tip, our small training spoon is ideal to teach your little one to perform various motions such as scooping, cutting...

    MamaMoo Silicone Nipple Correctors

    R 110.00
    Helps your baby latch onto your breast easily by drawing out your inverted nipples. Made of 100% medical silicone material, super soft and safe, will greatly reduce the burden on...

    Silicone Anti-Slip Placemat (15cm x 15cm)

    R 49.00 R 39.00
    High Quality, Food Grade silicone non-slip and heat-resistant placemats to make dinner that much fun. Our placemats come in bold, creative designs to make your kids see objects from a...

    Boys Construction Plate (1 Piece)

    R 110.00
    MAKE MEALS FUN: This listing is for the Construction Plate, which is designed to fit and work together with the Construction Utensils (available in separate listing). The plate has divided...

    Fairy Garden Plate (1 Piece)

    R 150.00
    MAKE MEALS FUN: The set includes one Constructive Eating Garden Plate, which is designed to fit and work together with the Fairy Garden Utensils. The plate has divided sections with specific...


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